Vue.js Development Consulting

We build interactive and beautiful UI/UX frontend applications in Vue.js

Why Vue.js?

Vue is a powerful frontend Javascript framework designed for building progressive user interfaces with re-usable components. Vue.js is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks and is a perfect choice for large enterprise applications, small custom dashboards and everything inbetween. Here at TrafficRunners, we use Rails on the backend for serving APIs for Vue.js to consume on the frontend. This combination allows us to quickly develop complex software for our own products and our clients'.

The Strengths Of Vue.js

Component Based

Vue promotes DRY development through re-usable components so you avoid repeating code.


Vue is one of the smallest frontend libraries (80kb) and loads instantly for responsive UIs.

Easy To Use

Getting the same complexity out of a simpler library means your application will be easier to maintain.


Like Rails, Vue is used by thousands of enterpise companies and websites around the world.

Build Your Next Vue Application With Us

We have a team of experienced Vue developers ready for your next project.

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Agile Development Practices

Working in 2 week sprints allows for a tight feedback loop between the technical team and non technical shareholders so important decisions can be made quickly.

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Strong Engineering Principles

We believe that testing our code, using build processes and pipelines, QA and multi developer code reviews creates stable and reliable software.

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Deep Experience

Not only do we know Vue.js inside and out, we've built and scaled our own SaaS platforms and are intimately familiar with the real world issues that arise when software gets in the hands of customers.

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Continuous Delivery

The best code is the code that is used in production by real customers and we aim to deliver new features and functionality at a rapid pace.