Senior Back End Developer (Ruby)

We're hiring senior Ruby engineers to work on our Rails applications.

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Your role at TrafficRunners

We have a number of Ruby On Rails codebases that need optimizations, new features, refactoring and maintenance. Senior ruby developers will be take part in writing well tested ruby code, reviewing peer pull requests and keeping customers and clients happy. You will have the freedom to think of your own solutions and implement them with the support of other senior Ruby developers.


  • Optimize existing ruby code.
  • Build new features.
  • Debug bugs and other issues.
  • Work in teams with other senior and junior developers.
  • Start learning one of our frontend frameworks, like Vue.js


  • 7+ years of ruby and rails experience.
  • HTML, CSS mastery.
  • Familiarity with AWS, Docker, Linux, Capistrano & Git.
  • Command of SQL and Active Record.
  • RSpec, integration tests, unit tests.
Senior Ruby Developer

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